Comp CD 2008

Jul 26, 2010

Webradio password protected

The webradio is now password protected, so it is only accessible for registered users.
Category: General
Posted by: Admin

Many members like to make and share covers. That means that they can't freely distribute their songs because of the copyright story. Putting a cover in the web radio might cause trouble. That is why the player is now password protected.

When you access the web radio, you first get a page that contains two links: one link to a page on the forum which contains the username and password. This page is only visible to registered users. So you can only access the web radio when you're a registered user. The other link is a link to the actual web player, which will be loaded automatically after 10 seconds when nothing is chosen. The page will ask you for the username and password. Et voilá, have a good time listening.

Do not forget to upload a song every now and then! Thanks.

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