Jul 9, 2010

New Webradio!

Finally, we managed to find solutions to the problems we encountered when trying to install a webbased mp3 player meeting our requirements.
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As of today we have a new webbased mp3 player. The dijonstock members can use an upload facility to get their mp3 in the playlist.

There a few restrictions. There is only one dot in the filename allowed (between the filename and the mp3 extension) and the maximum file size is 10 MB (10 million bytes).

You can upload by going to the webradio page, select a file by clicking "browse" , selecting a file from your local computer and clicking "upload file". Uploading may take several minutes so please be patient - when it's done a message will appear in your screen. By clicking " back" in your browsers menu you get back to the webradio page. Your song should be in the list somewhere. The playlist is shuffled on each pageload.

You can not remove a file. If you want your file removed, send a pm on the forum to Robbie.

We had a few problems in the past. The file the regulates the maximum directory size made the former webplayer quit, and the maximum number of mp3's it would see in the playlist was somewhere around 40, not nearly enough. This player is tested with well over 100 mp3's and it worked properly.

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